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The Public Interest Research and Advocacy Network(PIRAN) supports the call on the government, by the Director of Transformation of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent Dr Benjamin Agordzo, to amend the Police Act to give the leadership of the Police Service, especially the IGP a specific tenure of office without being appointed necessarily by the government of the day.

This would ensure that the loyalty of the IGP would be to serve the public interest or the interest of the nation and not a particular political leadership. PIRAN, like the Chief Superintendent of Police, is of the belief that the IGP must be appointed on a fixed term of office and approved by the parliament of Ghana, and not changed as and when a new government is voted into office.

PIRAN believed that the said arrangement, if in place, might have averted the recent lawless acts by the so called political vigilante group like the Delta Force. It would also make the Police Service more professionally developed, firm and independent as is the case in other political civilizations.

This call has come about because in most cases the police are not bold enough to deal with crimes involving the two political parties, the NPP and the NDC, that had had the privilege to rule Ghana since 1992.We had witnessed instances where leading and influential members of these parties had unlawfully and rudely interrupted the activities and programmes of others within even the same party. The most recent example is the disruption of a program involving the Gender and Social Protection Minister by the Northern Regional minister, where the police and the military which were called in could not make any arrest. We cannot live in a country where survival remains the preserve of the strong and powerful.

We therefore call for a constitutional amendment to make the tenure of office of the IGP a fixed term to help them discharge their duties without fear or favour irrespective of which party is in power.

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