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The infrastructure of any country, society or organization is a major necessity for the growth and development of any civilized world. These infrastructures which are made up of basic amenities or facilities such as roads and transport, communications , power suppliers , water and buildings enables government and private business to flourish, but the absence of quality infrastructure in most of our regional and district capitals has been a setback in our socioeconomic development, making us lack behind many advanced and civilized countries.

We therefore wish to make a passionate appeal to the Nana Addo NPP led government to consider, as a matter of urgency and a priority, to commit resources into improving our existing infrastructure in the country to make them user friendly for businesses and corporations in the country to be competitive in the global working environment.

Government should also ensure the providers of these infrastructures do quality work and service across all regions and district in the country, and avoid situations and instances where mobile telephony services in the regional capitals far defer from the services in the district and the smaller towns and villages a situation responsible for people migrating from these affected communities to the urban centers.

Provision of sub-standard infrastructure projects and services has been a drain on our finances as government and private business concerns do spend monies that could have been used for expansion and growth diverted for maintenance and repairs due to frequent breakdown of some of these sub-standard infrastructures.

Our lack of maintenance culture is also part of our problem of deficiency in our infrastructures, most of these facilities can be left unattended when it breaks down or becomes faulty.
Our findings have shown that the lack of these infrastructures is affecting production of goods and services and the earlier governments turns attention to it the better.

Most access roads in our major cities and towns are nothing to write home about and in most cases very absurd and horrible, roads are one of the things that brings out the good looks of a city or town but not even our two major cities of Accra and Kumasi can meet the standard of a modern city when it come to town roads.

Most of the 216 Metropolitan, Municipal and district assemblies do not merit the status given them as such but in most cases for political and electoral reasons governments created them without making the needed infrastructure injections to make the fit for the status of a metropolitan, municipal or district assemble, it is in this light that we wish to cautioned government to rethink his decision to create additional regions since most of these regions targeted for the creation of additional regions have a defect in their infrastructure and wish government would rather inject funds into developing the existing regions and district that falls below the standard of MMDC’S in a 21st century world.

It is very common to see district capitals in the Western, Upper East and West, Brong Ahafo, Northern and Volta regions with very low standard infrastructure and untared roads even in the district capitals as in Jaman North and many others, let us consider developing the existing MMDC’S before the creation of additional regions and districts.

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