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The Energy Minister’s recent revelation about ECG’S debt profile and inefficiency is another prove that most institutions are still not willing and ready to work for the benefits of the larger public but, rather work in a haphazard, corrupt and inefficient manner to the disadvantage of Ghanaians and to the enrichment of their buckets, it is very hurting to see one of the highly paid workers in Ghana like the ECG and PURC to inflict pain, anguish and unsatisfactory services to homes, companies, co operations, and institutions.
By the evidence in the Energy Minister’s exposure, which is an issue of open secret to all who matter in the work of ECG’s unsatisfactory and provocative services can no longer be entertained by USERS of services provided by the service providers and wish to call on the Government as a matter of urgency and priority to disband the current management of ECG and PURC to replace same to competent and efficient managers who can deliver to the appreciable satisfaction of most Ghanaians if not all.
It has always been a difficult task for the ECG and PURC to provide users with acceptable and affordable billing, collection, and customer services to consumers, and the earlier these inefficiencies in the provision of electricity is halted the better it will be for all Ghanaians. There is a wise saying that “extreme provocation is defensible” We as Ghanaians have witness instances in the past where some citizens out of anger and provocative services rendered by ECG have attack the offices and installations owned by the ECG. Though these actions are not civilized and justify, there are people who can not contain persistent abysmal services that are highly paid for.
To the ignorance of many Ghanaians if the ECG refuses to bill you for Twelve month and over that means the User or Users are no longer liable for payment, it is therefore ironical that a co operate like the US Embassy with all their heavy and powerful electrical gadgets were not billed for over two years, only God knows how many individual homes, companies, co operation and institutions have used electricity for years without bill? Is that the reason why users pay such fat bills with unsatisfactory service delivery?
Since it is not every user who will be a patriotic resident citizen like the US Embassy can approach the electricity provider to make them pay the services enjoyed for the past years without bill and payment, the actions of the US embassy is commendable, and wish to make a passionate appeal to all individuals, companies, co operation and institutions to follow the example of the US embassy to honour the services they have enjoyed without payment due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the service provider in question.
It is therefore necessary for the Government to Transform the ECG to ensure efficient and effective services delivery, and to do away with the culture of inefficiency that has characterized the work of energy providers,
Instances of influence and undue intervention by powerful and influential members of society the any away result in the poor work by ECG should be identified and dealt with.


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