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The desire of the general public to know how the governance of our country is fairing encourages most individuals, groups and organizations to take up a periodic performance appraisal of the Government of the day if it is meeting the hopes and aspirations of the citizenry, this periodic appraisals are done only on government performance without looking at the opposition if it is being credible and responsible in it watchdog role of constructively criticizing the government and offering alternatives to the programmes and policies of the Government they differ. Mush as we seek for responsible and accountable government we must as well ensure our opposition is credible and responsible in content and character to be considered a viable alternative should the need be.
It is therefore necessary to remind the main opposition party the National Democratic Congress and other minority parties that much as Ghanaians are watching the doings of the Government in line with governance and managing the economy to the benefit of all Ghanaians, they are as well looking at the opposition if it is being responsible and credible in its criticisms of Government or it is finding faults where there are none.
There have been instances where oppositions try to make false and unsubstantiated allegations against a government without any proof, this attitude of oppositions always throwing mud and finding fault is a setback back in our political discourse. A credible opposition is the type that gives credible alternatives to the government’s programme and policies and not the one that engages in spreading falsehood and mischief. Instead of the opposition throwing mud that do not stick, they should rather let the public know the alternatives they have to government programmes and policies they differ.
For the opposition to play it role well and effective it should be united and not as divided as the major opposition and some smaller minority parties in Ghana, it is therefore a matter of concern to many citizens the way the oppositions are disintegrated, and therefore call on them to reorganize their structures for their watchdog role, than to concentrate on spreading falsehood and mischief to run down a government struggling to find it feet to implement its programmes and policies.
The oppositions should be reminded of an akan proverb that “when you are mistreating the crab, God is watching your nakedness”. The opposition should be mindful that Ghanaian public will measure their credibility or otherwise on how they conduct themselves in line with their critizing and offering their alternatives programmes and policies of the government.
In our quest to know the public ratings of the NDC in opposition. We asked how Ghanaians sees the NDC in opposition under the following variables: Very Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Indifferent, Satisfied, and Very Satisfied.

RESPONSE                                                  RESPONDENTS                                   PERCENTAGE

VERY DISSATISFIED                                   48                                                                  24%

DISSATISFIED                                               76                                                                  38%

INDIFFERENT                                               10                                                                   5%

SATISFIED                                                     46                                                                    23%

VERY SATISFIED                                         20                                                                   10%

TOTAL:                                                         200                                                                100%


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