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The Public Interest Research and Advocacy Network (PIRAN) wish to express utmost disgust and displeasure at the recent threat, by some Chinese women or people connected to the Chinese involvement in the illegal mining activities in the country, to blackmail some so-called powerful men in the Ghanaian political leadership(s) if the current crackdown of illegal mining, with its attendant destruction of our lands and river bodies, is not halted. Every well-thinking Ghanaian must wake up to this act of disrespect towards us on our own land by strangers as the Chinese. We must ask ourselves this question: What could make a Chinese citizen become so bold to do in another country that he could not do in his homeland China?

The truth always hurt yet PIRAN wish to boldly tell all Ghanaians, with no exception, that the BLUFF of the Chinese over the Sex-For-Protection allegations is the result of an inferiority complex of Ghanaians towards foreigners in general. This is a deep weakness, which had unfortunately been branded as the so-called “Ghanaian Hospitality” that foreigners had detected among us, from the lowest person to the highest, and are exploiting to their maximum advantage.

PIRAN wishes to remind and encourage the government and all relevant state institutions to continue and sustain the current clampdown of illegal mining and the destruction of water bodies in particular without the fear of any smart and malicious intimation from any quarters. We strongly urge Nana Addo to distance himself from all members of his government and party who may have underhand dealings in the subject menace for the public interest and wish to remind him that he is in power because of the mandate given him by ordinary Ghanaians who are crying for a permanent solution to the illegal mining problem.

It is a deep conviction of PIRAN that for Ghana to come out of her economic woes Ghanaians would have to wake up and believe in themselves and their fellow country men and women. Inferiority complex among Ghanaians and our political leadership had been responsible for increasing imports bills due to our insatiable appetite for even inferior and dangerous imported goods at the expense of high quality local goods. It is also responsible for the signing of ridiculous economic agreements such as AMERI and Vodafone deals and several others since 1992. The need to arrest the fast depreciation of our local currency in relations to the dollar would be a mirage if Ghanaians do not eschew inferiority complex in our dealings with foreigners and anything foreign.

We also reaffirm our earlier call on the government to ban all foreigners from small scale mining and make same the preserve of Ghanaians but duly regulated to make it environmentally sustainable. A complete Ghanaian ownership of small scale mining would in no small measure help to stabilize the supply and prices of the foreign currencies especially the dollar for a more stable micro economic environment for the growth of businesses.

PIRAN also sees the announced introduction of French as a compulsory language subject in all our public Senior High Schools, by Nana Addo, as a highly unfortunate policy for Ghana as this could help deepen the inferiority of our own local languages and culture as whole to foreign ones. We strongly ask the President to refrain from introducing such a policy. Our education system needs too many more important reforms than the introduction of a foreign language as French into same.


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