PIRAN asked Government to amend the clause appointing heads of institutions

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Our recent research findings on the works of the heads of Government Institutions, Commissions Heads and Heads of Government agencies shows many Ghanaians are not pleased with the works of the above appointed heads of public sector institutions, commissions and agencies and blames their unsatisfactory performance on reasons for the partisan consideration for their appointments and major contributory factor for mismanagement, misappropriation and corruption in such institutions and wish to propose the aspect of our constitution that put the appointment of such heads of institution in the hands of the Government of the day be considered for amendment, since this leave must of their policies and programmes truncated as soon as a new government is appointed.

Events in our past and presents changes in governments which leads to the changes of  these heads states institutions, commissions and agencies is responsible for most corruption and mismanagement in these institutions that are suppose to work for the benefits of the state and its population rather works to appease the government that appointed them, making it impossible for them to be punished and prosecuted for their abysmal performance and corrupt deeds because of their political affiliation to the Governing party that appointed them.

It has been very difficult for state institutions to reprimand these appointees because anytime issues of corruption or misappropriation is raised against any out gone heads of the public institutions such as the Minerals commission, lands commission, Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice (Chraj), Electoral Commission, Forestery Commission, Customs Excise Preventive Service, (CEPS). BOST, Police Service, Social Security and National Insurance Trust,(SSNIT) , and the rest it becomes impossible for proper investigation and prosecution because they turn to blame the former and the former blames the other and the blame game continues, making investigation and prosecution effort cost ninety. It is on this note that Pirangh wish to appeal to the Government and Parliament to consider the need to amend the clause in our constitutions that gives the government the right to appoint these commission heads amended and make a specific tenure of office, so that they will see themselves as working for the state and it public and not doing the bid of the appointing authority even if it is not in the public interest.

The recent SSNIT scandal which has a similar occurrence in other public institution is the tip of the iceberg, since most of these Directors and Board Chairmen act with impunity without due process, an instance that accounted for Pseudo Dr Caled Afaglo as head of IT division of SSNIT and the acquision of $72.000. Software with many defective parts with some component not working till date. The staff at SSNIT can testify their suspicion on the Qualification of the dismissed and interdicted IT Head and other underhand deals by the appointed Directors and Board Chairmen/Persons like Mr Kwame Peprah, Joshua Alabi, Dr. Frank Odoom, Mr. Enerst Thomson, and Mr Ofori Tenkorang and the rest, We have in recent times heard of the appointment of the Snr Minister’s sons at SSNIT and wonder if they follow due process and it will not repeat the case of Dr. Caled Afaglo, who we  are sure was not recruited by due process.



Felix Djan Foh

(President. Pirangh)




Timothy Fiadzoe





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