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The decision by the government to reclaimed degraded lands and clean polluted water bodies is another positive move by the government that we will like to commend the government for, but there are issues of Public Interest concerns that we would like to draw government attention to.


It is shocking to note that 238,000 kilometers square of our land Representing 4% of our total land surface has been degraded by legal and illegal mining. This destruction of our lands has come about because the authorities that are suppose to ensure proper mining practices renegade on their responsibilities and hence the mess we have brought to ourselves.


We are therefore urging government to adopt a multi-stakeholder approach in this giant task of land reclamation and cleaning polluted water bodies and also wish to appreciate the pledges of Rebecca Akufo Addo Foundation, Richie foundation and Okyeman foundation to support the reclamation exercise.


The projected figure of GHC 60,000.00. as a cost for reclaiming a hectare of degraded land by government can be a drained on our coffers if donors decides not to support.238,000 sq km=23.800.000 hectors going to be reclaimed @ GHC 60,000.00 per hectare 10,000 square metres or 2.471 acres won’t be a small money for a country as ours’.


The Government’s efforts to seek donor support from the Australian, Chinese and Canadian Governments to fund the land reclamation and water cleansing project should not be totally relied on and seek other sources of funding from the large scale mining companies and the small scale miners as well.


The reclamation activities like filling and leveling of degraded lands, planting detoxification plants and cleaning the polluted waters can be labour intensive and wish to appeal to government to consider jobless galamseyers for such jobs as temporal alternative livelihood for the galamseyers affected by the suspension or the temporal ban.



Felix Djan Foh.

President. Piran-gh.



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