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On two separate occasions we have cautioned the Government against creating new regions but rather inject the funds into developing the existing regional and district capitals saddled with defective and low standard infrastructure and insufficient basic social amenities stagnating socio economic development and impeding our quest for growth and development of our people and country.

Whiles maintaining our stance on developing the existing regions instead of creating new regions, we also wish to tasked the government as a matter of priority to re- demarcate some of the regional capitals and district capitals to give uniform and easy travelling and moving access to their respective regional and district capitals and if possible ensure the regional and districts capitals are cited at the centers of the regions and the district.

This call has come about because it is emerging citing some of these regional and district capitals were not properly done to the benefits of the inhabitants and in some cases have resulted in bloody clashes either over relocation or citing a government project as most community leaders and political power players in most cases wishes to push such project to their place of choice disregarding whether the location will be  of use or otherwise this has rendered some government project being neglected and underutilized.

We have a situation where a constituency covers two or three regions or districts, when our constitution make Members of Parliament automatic and coopted members of the district assembly and the constituency is running in more than one region and district which of the MMDAS the Member of Parliament attend it meetings. A constituency like Atwima mponua covers part of the Ashanti Region, Western Region and Brong Ahafo regions. In this instance the Member of Parliament comes from Tano Dumasi, which is part of Brong Ahafo Region, but attends the assembly meetings of Atwima Mponua district in Ashanti region. The western and Brong Ahafo district within this constituency don’t feel the presence of their member of parliament at their respective assembly meetings. This to us is not fair and thinks re-demarcating the existing regions and district capitals to deal with the problem identified above can solve the problem of chiefs and politicians always fighting over where a projected should be located or not.

The recent directives by Justice Stephen Allan Brobbey. The new regions commission of enquiry chairman to chiefs to resolve chieftaincy disputes in their quest for new regions, and the call by the People of Projected Bono East quest for new region to address water problem among others are some of the petty and quire reasons for new regions, is it not an open secret that those regions targeted for splitting are the regions engulfed in chieftaincy disputes? And must you get a new region to solve a water problem in your area?

This issue of new regions is being pushed by power drunk chiefs and their collaborating political opportunist who do not think of the good of the people but rather themselves.

Much as we have earlier called on the government to develop priority arrears. We also wish to call on the inhabitants of these regions to vote against the chief’s quest for new regions and insist on development of the existing regional and district capitals and it re-demarcation.

Yours faithfully,

Jointly signed:

Felix Djan Foh. President. PIRAN-GH. (0244691605),

James Kweku Dumanya. Acting Cordinator. PIRAN-GH. (0244891147).

And Timothy Fiadzoe. Secretary.PIRAN-GH. (0244471923)



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