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Sixty one years after  our independence  from colonial rule and domination, many of the succeeding heads of Government have in one way or the other wish to see Ghana without Aid, the first Presidents efforts was truncated by his overthrow , events in the past and present shows the stronger economies of the world do not like the idea of we Ghanaians and other weaker economies to be self-sufficient and self-reliant on our natural and human resources for our development as a country and as a continent.


Bold and courageous Leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, Robert Mugabe and Muamur Ghadafi among others who try to realized this dream of developing once country without Aid, were faced with sabotage, isolation, targets for assassinations and overthrown. The interest of the stronger economies in our natural wealth and desire to manage and control these resources to their advantage and our disadvantage is the reason our quest for Ghana/Africa without Aid may be an illusion unless we are able to mine and process our minerals wealth into finished products for international markets and disband all foreign interest in particularly registered small scale mining, illegal mining and lumbering.


Ownership of our sovereignty as a nation or continent should include absolute control of our resources to develop to the point without Aid. We can no longer look on as our mineral wealth, cocoa, timber, rubber and the rest benefiting foreign interest while we the owners live in abject poverty because of lack of technical knowhow, government must demonstrate genuine commitment of using our own for our development than always going with a silver spoon in our hands.


Most government programmes  and policies have delayed because the donor countries are not forth coming with the grants and aid promise due to donor fatigue on the part of donors, it is in times like this that we expect the Government to



Demonstrate its capacity and ability to generate funds internally to address pressing national needs as One District One Factory, land reclamation, Free SHS, National ID project, One Million dollar for each constituency among others, we cannot expect donations in respect of the above and still claim to be working toward Ghana without Aid.


Leadership is by example and expects our President to lead by example in the subject matter of Ghana/Africa without Aid for others to emulate, it is not convincing enough to be donor dependant economy and yet championing the Ghana/Africa without Aid Agenda.


It is unfortunate our continental bodies such Ecowas and AU have not help much in this course of developing our countries without Aid, as they have not be able to achieved the objectives for which they were formed  and cannot stand up to the dictates and undue influence from powerful economies in Europe and the West. As these powerful countries can instigate a coup and in most cases finance and participate in overthrows of governments that resist their influence, control and domination.


Almost everything done economically and politically to make us truly independent  and being our own without Aid looks very far from the present generation, because our leaders only pay lip service to this subject of managing our economy and ourselves without Aid.


When our Continental unions cannot achieve the goal for which they were form and cannot even work out a common currency for Anglophone countries in west Africa and replicate same in other regional blocs, with individual heads of state chasing funding from donors all over and yet we go talking of a Ghanaian or Africa economy without Aid makes us doubt the feasibility or otherwise of this untimely call for Ghana without Aid.


We will appeal to the Ghanaian Political leadership to work out strategies for owning and controlling   our natural and human resources and making sure foreigners are not allowed into areas such as small scale mining, lumbering and petty trading to give the average Ghanaian a sense of ownership and control of the things gifted to us by nature.






We can make it without Aid, if we can do the right thing, at the right time, and with the right approach and implementation plan for a decade period of experiment and practice.






Yours Faithfully


Felix Djan Foh

President. PIRAN-GH



James Dumenyah




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