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There is a very worrying trend developing in our national political discourse that if not checked has the propensity to further retard our growth and development as a nation. Since modern system of governance, democracy was introduced into our country and political parties where formed to compete for the mandate of the

people to rule and manage our human and natural resources to the benefits and good of all, Political parties have always resulted to lies and deception to win the heart and minds of the people only to disappoint them after assumption of political power and authority.


Some politicians have taken us, the kingmakers as weak minds, people who can not read between the lines and as people who have short memories, due to this view of some political class they always give the voters high hopes only to disappoint them(voters) with their abysmal performances. They always rehash the same excuses that the former administration had squandered all the money and mismanaged the economy and for that matter, they will need time and space to fix things. However, even if their mandate is renewed for another term, the status quo remains the same with no significant change in our socio economic development.


This attitude of politicians in government and in opposition is sickening and making the governed apprehensive and losing trust and confidence in the political authority. The politician in opposition professes to have all the solutions to the socio economic needs of the country and yet, after they win the heart of the people and power is entrusted into their hands, they begin to engage in accusations upon accusations forgetting that they had made promises to fix the problem despite the difficulties and challenges the our economy was faced with


We blame journalists and civil society groups for not questioning the campaign promises of the politicians on the campaign tour on how they (politicians) intend to raise funds for programmes and projects that are promised the people and how they intend to implement the said programmes and projects with implementation plan and time table. There is nothing wrong with criticizing government or the opposition. However, the criticism must be a constructive one with the interest of the nation being paramount.

The Media, civil society organizations, traditional chiefs and pastors should refrain from being sycophantic and praise singers and put government and opposition in check to ensure good governance and development.


We wish to advise politicians to be realistic and not moralistic with their promises and promise what they can do with our scarce resources and save us the gargantuan and unrealistic over ambitious promises that are not fulfilled due to lack of funds and in some cases lack of blueprint and strategy for implementation.


We have in most cases expressed our opinions through research and advocacy crusades have in most instances advised and persuaded government on best ways of achieving the target set for itself to develop our country socially and economically. But little or no attention is given to such advice and directions.


It is in the light of all the above that we wish to caution the political class (both government and opposition) to take the citizens serious when making campaign promises since Ghanaians are becoming fed up and apprehensive with politicians who promise sweets but end up perpetuating bad and autocratic Governance


Jointly signed

Timothy Fiadzoe

Secretary. Piran-gh



James Kweku Dumenyah

Acting Coordinator. Piran-gh



Felix Djan Foh.

President. Piran-gh



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