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The quest of past and present governments to fight corruption with the establishment of ant- corruption agencies like CHRAJ, Serious Fraud Office, EOCO and now Office of Special Prosecution need the require logistics, personnel and legislation to function properly, but the recent comments at the conference of auditors by the frustrated Special Prosecutor is sending signals the OSP (office of special prosecutor) may not be as efficient and effective in the fight against corruption.


The recent complains of the special prosecutor for lack of logistics, Personnel and interference and noncooperation from ministers and other government officials is a threat to the promised fight against corruption in Ghana.


The personality of the man chosen for the job of the OSP(Office Special Prosecutor) gave some hope to Ghanaians that we now have somebody we can trust  to deal with corruption, buts almost a year after the assumption of office, the special prosecutor has been complaining  about challenges, such as office not properly furnished, Chiefs and Pastors pleading for and on behalf certain politicians, people making payments into his accounts  and now government appointees  not cooperating and supporting, lack of logistics and personnel among others.


With the above complains the Special Prosecutor is already outlining reasons for his inability to perform, since he has not prefer a single solution to the difficulties he claims is stampeding his efforts to work nor mentioned the names of those making payment into his personal accounts and wonder if the said payment is still in his accounts or has returned same to senders.


We believe the Special Prosecutor is failing Ghanaians and the earlier the government takes a decision on him the better, because if almost a year after




Swearing into office as a special prosecutor to fight corruption in government and till date you have very little to show except complains, we don’t see commitment on the part of government to make the OSP effective and efficient and wish to appeal to the Government to resource the Special Prosecutor’s office to work effectively and efficiently before it suffers the fate of other ineffective government agencies.


We initially had our doubt as to the success or otherwise of the Office of Specially Prosecutor and the effusions and outburst of the Special Prosecutor Mr. Martin Amidu are giving an indication of another government agency that cannot be independent of Manipulation and control of the powers that be.


The Attorney General and her deputy who have oversight responsibility on the special prosecutor have express worry over his frustrations and complain to the media and the public at large.


We wish caution the Special Prosecutor to stop conjecturing and psychological warfare and focus on the job given to him or resign because the recent comments and interviews that have offended the Attorney General may compound his problem, he may be qualified but his temperament cannot fit for any political appointment because of interference and manipulation.


Also if it is true he has no staff (Prosecutors and C I D Personal) to work with, then he has no reason wasting his time in office without staff/personnel to work with. And wish to advise him to resign, since it is equally unlawful to take salary for no work done.


Yours Faithfully


Felix Djan Foh.

President. PIRAN-GH





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