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                                                               PRESS RELEASE



We wish to express our disapproval for a commission of inquiry by the Acting President into the disturbances at the Bawalashie during the just ended by-election at the subject constituency. Our disapproval is not about the competence or neutrality of the commission members, as their competency and ability to deliver is not in doubt.


Our beef is how past commission’s recommendation have been treated, though these commissions are set up to investigate into issues of public interest, the findings and recommendations have not been implemented and enforced to the satisfaction of the public, Is it not a waste to give someone/persons powers of a high court to make an inquiry and after cannot have same powers to enforce and implement their recommendations.


It is our belief that the powers of the commission of inquiries as enshrine in the chapter 23 section 279 to 283  be made complete  by giving   them powers  same as  high court judges  to pronounce and enforce judgment  on their findings and recommendation. As none prosecutorial powers of commission of inquiries poses a threat to enforcing recommendations.


Though commissions of inquiry have powers of a high court to enforce attendance of witness, compelling production of documents, examining witness under oath among others, their finding and recommendation are not legally binding and they are in most cases not enforced and even attempted a review as Hon. Haruna Iddrisu   the former communication minister in 2016 hinted of government intention to review the findings of the WUAKU COMMISSION.


If the Dzamefe commission, Commission of inquiry into payments from public funds arising from judgment debt and Akin matters, Wuaku commission’s and others findings has not been implemented what is the reason for  setting  up a commission of inquiry into the Ayawaso west wuogon by-election whose perpetrators are known and can easily be identify, why not take action against the perpetrators and compensate those that has to be compensated than setting up commission of inquiry whose recommendation may not be implemented.







We think the setting up of this commission is a waste of time and resources, the minister who deploy the hooded security men is known and can as well identify them, the victims and the kiosk that was hit by gun bullets are also known and can be contacted via the information on the hospital files, the MP and the security men who gang beat the MP can also be identify so what is

the need and reason for inquiry into a disturbances whose actors are known and can easily be contacted.



Felix Djan Foh

President. PIRAN






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