legalized use of okada for transport services

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Due to our usually bad roads particularly in the hinterlands and heavy traffic situations in our cities as in the national capital and other major cities has naturally increased the use of motor/tricycles for commercial purposes despite legislation outlawing it use for same in 2012.


We therefore wish to appeal to the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service to consider reviewing the law under regulation 128 on road traffic regulations in our status to allow for the use of motorcycle and tricycle for commercial services in areas where their use is badly needed.


It is obvious the police have lost control enforcing regulation 128 (1-4) as these are becoming major means of transport in almost every town, city or community in Ghana because of their urgent  and pressing needs in arrears while vehicles cannot  go and cannot as well be a walking distance.


It has now become major means of transport in our farming communities in Ghana, and we can attest to it importance in assessing health care and attention, carting of food stuffs, firewood among others.


In spite of the regulations outlawing of motorcycles for commercials, use of same is on the ascendency and wish to add our voice to allowing it usage with strict regulations to be enforced by MTTD of the Ghana police service to reduce it abuse and accidents since they form basis for their disbandment for fare paying services.







These motorcycles benefits to rural workers and dwellers cannot be underestimated, it has now become a public interest concerns and therefore necessary to have a stakeholders engagement  on this subject of allowing or disallowing the use of motorcycles for carrying goods and humans for a fare which the people are willing to patronize any day and time.



Yours Faithfully


Felix Djan Foh

President. PIRAN-GH


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