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As we prepare for election 2020 come December 7th, with the heighten tension and violent witness in Ayawa west wougon by election and recent voters registration requires enough discipline and professional police and military men and women who can guard the polls without any form of biases.
We have been voting since 1992 till date with manageable disturbances and violence, coming events cast their shadow, the signs of the above gives us a cause to worry as many have expressed fears about the outcome, it is in this light that we call for a by partisan military and police who can be professional, .discipline and tactical to ward off any form of disturbances during and after the election.
Another disturbing case is that several efforts by past and present government to curb electoral violence has not been successful and in most cases the government party with the use of state security are seen advancing the cause of the ruling party, a situation that has led to the formation of thugs and vigilantes among the parties with government unwillingness to halt this practice.
The governments, most a time play lip service about confronting this menace, Government response to Emile short commission as biased and refusing to act on the commission’s recommendations on Double, Mohammed, and former deputy interior minister shows a government unwilling to punish his own.
If government cannot live by example under situations as in Banda, Kasoa, and other places gives a wrong signal to the voters as they cannot vouch for their safety in the face of rampaging party militia.
It is in this light that we wish to make passionate appeal to the state security to up their game by shunning all forms of biases during and after the election to guarantee peace and security.
The IGP should be bold to halt MPs and party officials from visiting the pooling stations with armed gangs following them and government should not issue questionable transfer to officers trying to insist on the right thing to uphold justice and orderliness as happened to cape coast regional command and Banda district commander.

Yours faithfully
Felix Djan Foh
Leader and President.

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